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Our Jukeboxes

There’s a reason One Stop Audio Video, LLC is the most popular Amusement Service Supplier in the Baltimore, Washington DC Metro Area. We provide exciting and entertaining coin-operated amusements and jukebox sound systems for guests of all ages to enjoy. Have a look at our list of products and services below and start making money with us today!

What better way to captivate and entertain your patrons then allowing them to choose their favorite music! Internet jukeboxes have been one of our strongest and most popular pieces of equipment. This trend will only get stronger as newer digital jukeboxes continue to become available with limitless features! With TouchTunes, the sky is the limit!

The jukebox actually learns from the music being played in your venue and changes the user experience over time to better match what your patrons want to hear. This means that the home screen content, artist pages, playlists and even search results dynamically change based on the music history of your jukebox, providing a highly relevant music experience like no other. 

The TouchTunes mobile app is a proven and revolutionary way for consumers to control the jukebox from anywhere in the venue. With millions of downloads, the app is fun to use and loaded with features to help you connect with today’s mobile-centric consumer and stay ahead of the curve.



Join the Fun

Superior Design Commands Attention
•Rim and wall wash light shows create atmosphere
A Rich User Experience Defines the New SmartJuke
•Breakthrough smart search technology yields immediate and accurate results
- Sort results alphabetically, by popularity or release date
- Search for songs using lyrics
- Search the entire music catalog from any screen
•Programmed music collections and playlists enhance the user experience
•Virtuo is a showpiece of form and function that supports multiple entertainment services including the TouchTunes mobile app.



Enjoy the Excitement

Big and bold, the new Ovation wall-mounted digital jukebox makes its presence felt in any location. This wallbox is no wallflower. Its 19 inch LCD touch-screen monitor - the largest in the industry - commands attention with a viewable area 60 percent larger than the typical screen display.

download (1).jpg


Fun for All Ages

Maestro II is the world’s most versatile wall-mounted digital jukebox, featuring the best music selection on the market, unparalleled sound quality, a colorful touch-screen and a programmed LED light display that makes it a true work of art.

Maestro II gives your end user thousands of songs to choose from and gives you instant access to a gazillion additional selections.

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