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Night Pinball

One Stop Audio Video, LLC

We PAY YOU to let us place our TOP MONEY MAKING amusements in your location! We never charge our customers for service or installations.  We can guarantee profits for you.

Proudly serving the Baltimore-Washington Metro areas.

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How is technology impacting the bar business, what are your thoughts on where products are coming into this space, what’s moving and shaking there?

“There are a number of areas where it’s really growing,

entertainment technology, the technology of entertainment energy.  We take a look at how technology has impacted the simple jukebox today, hundreds of thousands of songs in one jukebox and the imagery.  Jukeboxes are now karaoke centers, communication centers, and even photographic centers.”

-Jon Taffer 

Interview from Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas 

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Our Games and Jukeboxes

There’s a reason One Stop Audio Video, LLC is the most popular Amusement Service Supplier in the Baltimore, Washington DC Metro Area.  We provide exciting and entertaining coin-operated amusements and jukebox sound systems for guests of all ages to enjoy.  Have a look at our list of products and services below and start making money with us today!



Join the Fun

Superior Design Commands Attention
•Rim and wall wash light-shows create atmosphere
A Rich User Experience Defines the New SmartJuke
•Breakthrough smart search technology yields immediate and accurate results
- Sort results alphabetically, by popularity or release date
- Search for songs using lyrics
- Search the entire music catalog from any screen
•Programmed music collections and playlists enhance the user experience
•Virtuo is a showpiece of form and function that supports multiple entertainment services including the TouchTunes mobile app.



Enjoy the Excitement

Big and bold, the new Ovation wall-mounted digital jukebox makes its presence felt in any location. This wallbox is no wallflower. Its 19 inch LCD touch-screen monitor - the largest in the industry - commands attention with a viewable area 60 percent larger than the typical screen display.

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Fun for All Ages

Maestro II is the world’s most versatile wall-mounted digital jukebox, featuring the best music selection on the market, unparalleled sound quality, a colorful touch-screen and a programmed LED light display that makes it a true work of art.

Maestro II gives your end user thousands of songs to choose from and gives you instant access to a gazillion additional selections.

Maestro II is the perfect small size juke where wall space is limited.  This compact jukebox offers all the same features and sound quality of the larger Virtuo.

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A perennial favorite that never goes out of style and brings customers together, makes casual customers REGULAR customers. People of all ages and genders enjoys this classic interactive game. 
We can bring the APA Pool League to you!

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We offer arcade video games from Arcade Legends to Golden Tee Live! to Silver Strike Bowling and any game that entertains and makes MONEY for YOU! 

Red Joystick
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-Timeless fun
-All ages love Air Hockey
-Regulation Size
-Commercial Quality

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-The original arcade game! 
-Very hard to find in today's venues.
-Classic coin-op entertainment (special commission arrangements available)

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Real Fun, Real Cash!

Players can win CASH as they master Dragon's Ascent (legal in DC only). It is the newest game of Pure Overriding Skill, players can build skill and dominate dragons on our 2 or 8 player consoles.

Please Inquire. 

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Increased Foot Traffic- When you have a well-advertised ATM, people will come to your store to use it. This is especially true when either your business or those around yours  accept mostly cash transactions. By having an ATM inside your business, these potential customers will enter your store to use it, giving you an opportunity to make a sale.

Increased Sales- Studies show that ATM users will spend up to 25% of their withdrawal in the same store the ATM is located. Combined with more foot traffic, this could increase your sales a significant amount.

Customer Retention- When a customer is at your business, they may or may not have the cash on hand to make a purchase. If they don’t, and there’s no ATM in your building, they must leave to find cash. This creates an opportunity for the customer to change their mind and decide not to return to make the purchase. Having a convenient ATM in your building will prevent customers from leaving to gather the funds necessary to make a purchase.

Call or Text today 443-250-3205

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Claw Machines

-Our company uses only top quality plush and prizes in our machines.

-We know winners become regulars players by giving them generous win rates. "Profit Follows Volume".

-Custom prize mixes to suit any location. 

-Celebrate the holiday seasons! - Christmas, Halloween, Easter and more!

-Licensed prizes by NFL, NBA, MLB, Disney, Pixar just to name a few. 

-Your logo may be added to many items to promote your business (t-shirts, beer koozies, and more!)

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Pushin' Prizes

-A true game of skill, players cannot resist the fun!

-A game for all ages and skill levels.

-Large prize vault(s) can be added! Keys to open the prize vault(s) are located on the playfield 

-Players win a huge variety of prizes tailored to your location and customer's taste.

-Made right here in Maryland! 

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Bring the fun and excitement of indoor basketball hoops to your location. This crowd-pleaser game brings life to any location. Players of all ages and skill-levels can compete- up to 4 players- in this fun and exciting game of skill.   

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Foosball Table

The Tornado brand is the most respected and most durable foosball table in the world. Bring an international and collegiate crowd to your location with this interactive stable of table games. 

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